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Dobrosavljevic Nino

Ukupno radova: 36


Dobrosavljevic Nino



Magical beauty of artistic paintings or drawings have since my early youth occupied my attention. Fascinated with beauty of nature or a portrait of an old master.

Any free time I had, I have spent it with a pencil or a paint brush. Throughout that time I was searching for something fascinating, something unique, a new idea.

At the present moment and time I am focused on symbolically opening a window to the past and introducing masterpieces of well known masters in my own way: “Mail from the Past” – Van Gogh, “Tribute to the Caravaggio”. In that style I want to also present other famous people, such as Nikola Tesla.

The Illusionism of the paintings, the Trompe-l'œil or the trick of the eye, has also captured my attention from the surface of a flat canvas, I get the impression of dimensions. My attention still stays on traditional styles of painting: nature, still life, as well as portraits.

“The panting rises from the brush stokes as a poem rises from the words. The meaning comes later.” – Joan Miro

My history exhibition of more than 100 group exhibitions: Old country, Germany, Canada.SAD, a few independent exhibitions many award. Member of Federation of Canadian Artists-Fraser Valley Chapter.s.International Guild of Realism.


2019 ''Arts 2019'' Surrey Art Gallery ''First Place''

2018 Fraser Valley Chapter ''2nd Place''

2016 Fraser Valley Chapter ''First Place''

2016 Favorite 15%by Faso-Desambar 2016

2016 ''Arts 2016 '' Surrey Art Gallery ''2nd Place ''

2015 Fraser Valley Chapter ''3rd Place''

2015 Arts Council of Surrey and Surrey Art Gallery ''Kay VandderVenter Award''

2015 Fraser Valley Chapter ''Award of Excellence''

2014 Hidden Treasure Art Magazine .

2014 Artvita - 9th Contest-Honorable

2014 Favorite 15% by Faso-February 14

2013 Federation of Canadian Artist Small Smaller and Smallest "Second Place"

2012 International Contemporary Artists Book

2011 Federation of Canadian Surrey Art Gallery "People Choice Award"

2011 Federation of Canadian Surrey Art Gallery "Second Place"

2011 Surrey Art Gallery Art 2011 "Honorable Mention"

2011 Cloverdale Blueberry Art Festival "Third Place"

2006 Cloverdale Blueberry Art Festival "Honorable

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