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Katarina Radenkovic

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Katarina Radenkovic


Best art of the day

Best art of the day

Gde:New York
Adresa: Artradio
New York
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Artradio iz New York-a proglasio umetnički rad Katarine Radenković najboljim dana 23.10 2013.

By artradio

Best Art of the Day (23-10-2013)

Katarina Radenkovic is a Serbian artist, painter and graphic designer who has a very creative touch with her artwork. She is an accomplished international artist who has exhibited in London, Barcelona, Hamburg and Belgrade and we are proud to present her work here at

Her paintings all show truly individual features that make her works stand out like this piece in particular. We feel it demonstrates to us what comes off as 80's chic with goth/tribal sensibilities whilst achieving simultaneously modern, surreal and semi-abstracted feelings. Importantly its the swirl on the face of the black haired lady and almost swirl like signature in the top right that we feel make this piece stand out and transform it into something truly unique and individual.

She has a wonderful portfolio over at which can be found at:

Explore her profile and you will see she continues this theme with use of melding magazine clippings, paints and cleverly cut collages to create simple yet effective drawings with a sense of augmented reality themed about them.

Simply put, prepare to have your mind blown!

Congratulations Katarinar you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

To view this work in more detail click here.

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You can also check out her personal website at


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